When a loving wife learns of her husband’s cheating ways ’til death do us part’ no longer applies!


True Beauty shines, not from the outside, but from deep within.


Once part of an ordinary middle-class family, the twins, Angel and Jordyn, are thrown into a world of chaos when their father dies suddenly. Their mother becomes nothing more than a shell of a person, void of any feelings or emotions. A bottle of whiskey is now her best friend as she searches for something that can give her life meaning again. One night at a local bar, that something appears in the form of a mysterious stranger who will indeed change her life forever. In a state of total bliss and surrender, she is drawn into the dark world of the unholy and the undead; the world of the vampire. In turn, she brings her daughters into this dark realm of hers with the idea that together they would become one big, happy family again. And the one thing on their minds as they roam the night is revenge.


There was a time when Susan was happy. She had a family she loved; a daughter she was proud of; a husband who meant the world to her. Then it all changed one fateful night, and her world crumbled down around her. Two years later she was ready to put the pieces of her life back together, to provide a future for her daughter, and to bury the thoughts of the past deep inside her. She realizes too late, however, that she has invited something truly evil into their home, and it was hungry for their very souls. This film was completed with a budget of only a few hundred dollars and basically a one man crew, with myself acting as writer, director, cinematographer, and editor. While I know it’s not an academy award winner, I’m still proud of the fact that I started and completed the film and learned a lot in the process.